"This is a great guide to refresh our human engagement in a meaningful way on social media, using a delicate topic like grief. "

- Kathi, Amazon Reviewer

Your Friend Posts About the Death of a Loved One... How Do You Respond?

With the average person spending two or more hours a day on social media, chances are you’re going to encounter this situation more and more. 

How do you switch gears from scrolling and liking cat videos to feeling empathy and offering heartfelt support to someone who’s hurting? 

Don’t Say That, Say THIS! addresses those issues and more.


The Build-A-Message Template

After experiencing four deaths in three years and using social media to announce them, Nancy Marmolejo quickly became an expert in the way people express condolences on social media. Not everyone knows what to say, she discovered. Using her years as an avid social media user, Executive Coach, background as a teacher and life experience, she created this guide to help the everyday person navigate difficult feelings and situations as they pop up in their social media feeds.

"A unique, heartfelt share from a woman who allowed her heartbreak to guide her, and transformed it into love and support for the rest of us. A quick and valuable read for all - on a topic not often addressed."

Karen, Amazon Reviewer

"A great resource to use when you want to express what is really in your heart as others share personal loss on facebook or social media. We don't want to come across as having only a mechanical response. The book contains templates to help you respond with empathy."

Scott, Amazon Reviewer